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Did you know?

The blocks on Păsculescu Tei street were presented in the press of the day as “the temptation of least resistance”?

“The designers, carried away by the mirage of advantageous results obtained from the calculations made on paper, forgot that people had to live in the new homes and, resorting to the minimum resistance, they solved the problems by giving a mechanical interpretation to the notion of comfort” writes M. Ralian in Bucharest Information.

It was possible to reduce the cost price for the apartments here to 36,000 lei, but now a 3-room apartment has a living area of ​​30 sqm, with the smallest room under 8 sqm and the largest – the living room, equipped with “cooking niche” of 12.48 sqm. In the conditions in which they should have been occupied by families of 4 people.

The area becomes even more important if we heed the concerns of the journalist, who points out that families with prams, bicycles or motorbikes will have no place to store them, these blocks have no washers and dryers, and tenants have no access on the terraces.

Source of information: Bucharest Information – Tuesday March 10, 1959