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Did you know?

The schematic design of the blocks in Panduri began in 1952 and it was carried out with the intention to create optimal conditions of comfort for future tenants and to fit “into the urban manner of the neighboring construction complex”? To balance the urban composition, it was intended to build a second symmetrical group of blocks, on the opposite side of the Military Academy.

Recreational and social activities had an important role, so each block was designed with the red corner, the library, the reading and correspondence room, the telephone booth; and the blocks’ terraces were passable and offered a very pleasant space for sunbathing, rest and recreation.

In addition, the entire block was equipped with central heating, mechanical laundry, garbage incinerator, electrical transformer station, natural gas network, etc.

Source of information and image: R.P.R. Architecture. No. 9 of 1957