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Housing estate on Muncii Boulevard

In the magazine Arhitectura RPR of 1958, arh. I. Antonescu describes the two stages of construction of the housing complex on Muncii Boulevard.

The first phase lasted from 1954-1958, and the complex comprised 11 blocks, of which 3 with basement, ground floor and 5 floors and 8 with basement, ground floor and three floors, with a total of 296 apartments, of which 14% with one room, 72% with two rooms and 14% with three rooms. Also, arch. I. Antonescu states the existence of 15 shops on the ground floor of blocks A1, A2, A3, B1 and B2 and lifts in the case of blocks with basement, ground floor and 5 floors.

The second stage, which was in the process of being completed at the time of publication of the article, involved the construction of 7 more blocks, with 278 apartments, of which 78 are 1-bedroom, 180 2-bedroom and 20 3-bedroom.

Source: Arhitectura RPR magazine no. 12 of 1958