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Monumental entrances

In an article in the Arhitectura magazine of 1957, the designers of the Panduri quarter stated that “all the entrances to the blocks are made from the inside of the quarter, thus achieving better isolation from street traffic.” No doubt, the seclusion by the setback from the sidewalks and the custom entrances contributed to the garrison and private space impression that the project still has. The monumentality of the whole ensemble is not in the size of the project, but rather in the ornamentation and compositional elements.

Not all the quarters have access to the blocks from the inner courtyards, but all of them preserve the note of private space, almost intangible to a mere passer-by. While the entrances in the Cățelu quarter have a distinctive element, a simple vault or a slightly stylised arch, others in Drumul Taberei, Drumul Sării or Vatra Luminoasă are adorned with decorative elements to enhance the monumentality of the buildings.

Sources: Un cvartal de locuințe în București, Arhitectura R.P.R., 9/1957, pg. 4, Arhivele P.M.B. (S.A.S.) Dosar 1089/1954