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The Alexandria Road Quarter

The Rahova district contains one of the districts of Bucharest. It is located on Șoseaua Alexandrei nr. 1, near Rahova Square.

The neighbourhood is composed of 3 parallel blocks. The first two blocks were built in 1946-1947 by the Ministry of Posts according to the plan of architect Haralambie Georgescu, and the third block was added in 1955, also commissioned by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The three blocks are “joined” by inner courtyards to which access is via gangways.

There is also a memorial plaque inscribed here: “During the anti-fascist uprising of August 1944, Romanian soldiers supported by the population liquidated the Hitlerist resistance in this district and crushed attempts by German columns to enter Bucharest through the Rahova barrier. Glory to the fighters against fascists, for the independence of our homeland!”