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The Quarter on Basarabia Boulevard

Between 1954 and 1958, under the guidance of architect I. Antonescu, the first phase of construction of the residential complex on the former Muncii Boulevard, now Basarabia Boulevard, was initiated. This phase included 11 blocks, 3 of which had basements, ground floors, and 5 floors, while the other 8 had basements, ground floors, and three floors. The complex provided a total of 296 apartments, distributed as follows: 14% with one room, 72% with two rooms, and 14% with three rooms. Additionally, 15 shops were integrated on the ground floors of blocks A1, A2, A3, B1, and B2, and the blocks with basements, ground floors, and 5 floors were equipped with elevators.

As the first phase concluded, the second phase of the complex was underway, as reported in the 1958 issue of the Architecture Magazine of the Romanian People’s Republic. This phase was set to introduce 7 more blocks, offering a total of 278 apartments, including 78 with one room, 180 with two rooms, and 20 with three rooms. Thus, the residential complex on Basarabia Boulevard became a cornerstone of urban development during that period, providing a diverse range of housing options for the city’s residents.