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A picture is worth a thousand words – Cvartalul Dumul Taberei

The aerial image includes the original Drumul Taberei complex, the Ho Si Min barracks or military blocks on the left and the later extension with 4-storey apartment blocks (1958-1962) on the right. The military blocks block block was built at the corner of Drum Taberei and Ho Și Min Street between 1954-1957, on the Cotrocenilor Plateau, opposite the buildings belonging to the Army Pyrotechnics (built since the 1870s) and the former headquarters of the Ministry of National Defence (now the General Staff of the Land Forces), near the current Răzoare intersection and on what were the grounds of the Cotroceni Military Airfield. The low-rise blocks are built in the social realist style with neoclassical ornamental elements and arranged spatially on the site to define generous green areas. The location opposite the former headquarters of the Ministry of Defence makes the blocks a target during the events of December 1989, the facades retain traces of the bullets fired at the time. There is an underground gallery that runs from a room behind one block under Nicolae Găină Park, surrounded by the other blocks. To the left is a structure not aligned with the whole, a former airplane hangar from the aerodrome period. After 1944, it is converted into a tank shed. The curved roof collapses in the earthquake of 4 March 1977, then the former hangar becomes a furniture warehouse. A few walls still stand today, and the interior of the former structure is populated by grass and vegetable gardens of residents in the surrounding blocks.