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Did you know?

Did you know that the traces of the bullets fired during the 1989 Revolution can still be seen on the wall of a block of flats in Drumul Taberei?

Between 22 and 30 December 1989, a staggering 13,289,925 bullets were fired in the 1989 Revolution, spread throughout the army, according to that year’s historical record in the Revolution File. The most intense shooting took place between 13:00 on 22 December, immediately after Nicolae Ceaușescu’s flight, and until 27 December 1989 at 16:00, totalling 12,632,670 rounds.

Twenty-nine years after the events of the 1989 Revolution, the many bullets fired have become part of a tumultuous history, and many of the witnesses of the time have been erased with the renovation and modernisation of buildings. During the process of thermal insulation or when the facades of buildings were repaired, painted or rebuilt, many of these visible traces of the past disappeared. However, there is still plenty of tangible evidence of the Revolution, which continues to remind us of intense and crucial moments in recent history.