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The quarter in Drumul Taberei

The quarter in Drumul Taberei was built in 1954-1958 according to the plans of architect Dumitru Oculescu with the purpose of being inhabited by members of the Romanian army. There are a total of 14 blocks here, totalling 582 apartments.

The block has an architecture suitable for housing, warm and unofficial, with simple architectural elements taken from Romanian architecture, with accents and slight decors to break the monotony of the rather long front of the facade.

The objective is part of the project “Cvartal – Cultural Heritage of Bucharest Neighbourhoods” initiated by Dash Film, together with Zona Studio Association and Rusticity ehf. The project aims at cultural activation of Bucharest neighbourhoods through the development of multidisciplinary cultural products focused on the history of micro-communities associated with cvartal buildings and through cultural and bilateral cooperation.